Hover over words to see what they do, and click on underlined words to add them to your hand in the order you click them. Once your hand is finalized, click "Start Typing" to go to the typing phase, where you try to cast each spell in order by typing it. You have seven seconds to cast every spell you selected, and every spell you fail to cast deals damage to you (for the red number on the word's tooltip). The game ends when either you or your opponent have 0 health or less.


Lux - positive energy used by some spells. Decays by 1 every turn.

Nox - negative energy used by some spells. Compounds by 1 every turn, but any time you gain any lux, you lose all of your nox.

Shield - protectionist energy. Any time you would take damage, the damage is reduced by the number of shield you have, and the shield is reduced by the amount of damage blocked in this manner.


Poem - 1492 by Emma Lazarus

Tape stop sound - zerolagtime

Ocean ambience - Luftrum