Hobart the Holeworm spends his days among the wormholes of the Bootes Void. His favorite food is temporal paradoxes, which can be found everywhere and everywhen inside special time loops.

Today is Hobart's lucky day because he just found the longest time loop he's ever seen - a whole 10 seconds! That's an almost endless feast of delicious temporal paradoxes.

Watch out though, because if he touches an echo of himself from a previous timeline, the time loop collapses! That's a bummer for Hobart because it means no more munchies. (He'll be fine though, he's gonna find another time loop a while ago.)

Made for Mini Jam 112. Source code is available here.


This game only uses 2 buttons - one to turn left, and one to turn right. You can use any of the following directional inputs to do so:

  • WASD
  • Arrow Keys
  • D-pad
  • Gamepad left stick
  • Gamepad right stick
  • Left/right shoulder buttons
  • Joystick (for all the joystick-heads out there)
  • Touchscreen swipe left/right (untested)



holeworm v1.zip 10 MB
holeworm v2.zip 10 MB

Development log


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Great game! https://www.funvideogames.biz/2022/08/holeworm.html