A simple randomly generated puzzle game where you play a snakey blob exploring a primordial world. The only goal is to avoid failure.

To move to a tile, hold down the key for that tile. When you aren't on the board, you must start on a spiral tile. Otherwise, you can only move to tiles adjacent to one of the ends of the blob (but not both). If you try any other moves, you will take damage.

You also take damage when you let go of a key you are holding down. If you have any spirals stored up, you can let go of a key without taking any damage, placing a new spiral on the tile with the key you let go of.

There are three enemy types, with levels that are shown by their shape. If you cover at least as many tiles as the enemy's level, you can eat them for the following benefits:

Green opens a new level, letting you explore more

Blue gives you one spiral

Red heals you for one damage

If you aren't long enough, you will still eat them, but in the process you will damage your fragile digestive tract.

This is my entry for Ludum Dare 38 Jam. I'm thinking about adding more polish later.

NOTE: this game REQUIRES a keyboard with at least 5-key rollover. It also assumes you have an English language keyboard. I haven't tested it on other layouts; YMMV.

Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 38
Average sessionA few seconds

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