Made in a week for Weekly Game Jam 135


MOVE with WASD, shift/space, Q/E

LOOK with arrow keys

FIRE with F



Extract the natural resources of the Telluric Nebula and dock back into the mothership without running out of fuel. Launch extractor charges at a planet's resource core to ethically blow it up for its resources. Different planet types provide different resource types, while neutrinos can be harvested to refuel your ship. You cannot leave the nebula without meeting or exceeding your resource quota.


  • The only way to harvest a planet is to hit its resource core.
  • Your ship is fitted with a maximum speed enforcer and an active braking system, per Telluric Inc. Corporate Bylaws Title 13 Subsection 7.
  • The planets in the Telluric Nebula are ailing, and as such they have no gravitational effect on your ship, nor do they cause any damage on impact.
  • After an extractor charge is created from your fuel reserves, it only has a limited lifetime before safely biodegrading into gamma radiation.
  • Due to recent advances in fuel technology, fuel consumption is now based on the distance you travel, not on how much you activate the thrusters. Chief Compliance Officer Dick Tanner says "it's fun and safe to maneuver, but your ship ain't much of a cruiser."

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