Help Thiefbeard the Pirate fish his way out of a curse!

Demo of future features for WitchOS, made in a week for the 189th Weekly Game Jam.


WASD/arrow keys - move your ship

Mouse - aim your cannon

Left Click - fire your cannon

Tab - toggle the Overview Screen on and off

Touch a fish to pick it up and add it to your cargo hold. You can see your cargo in the Overview Screen.

Overview Screen

WASD/arrow keys - slide your cargo around. All cargo slides the same direction at the same time, and always slides as far as possible. Cargo with the same fish type and same number of fish combine when they slide into each other.

Click on your ship and drag away from it to draw a navigation line. When you finish drawing the line, your ship will follow it automatically until it reaches the end. To cancel navigation, click anywhere else on the Overview Screen, or move your ship when outside the Overview Screen.

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