I've started updating the game past the jam version - check out the most up to date version here!

The year is 198X. You're a witch/wizard running a hex-for-hire side-business, which you recently upgraded with a new WitchOS-based personal computer. Now that it's digital, magic has never been easier! Cursing someone to a week of bad luck, causing someone to stub their toe, influencing someone to post an embarrassing social media status - the clients name it, you can do it.

Made in a week for Weekly Game Jam 142, where the theme was Mischief.


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Games are like small social rituals. Games going cyber, witchcraft going cyber. Life going cyber. It is all about life, but what does it mean to be alive, to live a life? There could be life in the cyber realm, but life, has to involve passion and it is hard to find passion without the people and social context. Such as, what spell would one want to cast if there was nobody to ever reap the outcome? We need to imagine a space entity, who is like a reaper of all that is redundant. But in order to find it, one needs to tune in with what becomes redundant.